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Half a crab
4 March 2009

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Lezly on bubble fun at the moomba
aww who's the kid? this is a cute foto..looks like the person with the beanie is just enjoying the fact that the ...

Nicole on bubble fun at the moomba
Great expression and colors! Good job ;D

Carol on ants one flower
The pic is too bright.

Carol on Half a crab
this pic taken like this not that nice ler...

Melvin on excited little boys
thx for the comments.. it was hard to capture these photos as they are moving quite fast.. took about 10 snap shots in ...

Laura on excited little boys
Wonderful capture, I love their expressions of anticipation

Enrika Diaz on light painting
ei, wow! excellent! light painting is still one of my favorites.. job well done!

Enrika Diaz on excited little boys
ei, this one is so colorful! you really captured their moments... i love it! i want to make this kind of shot someday :)

Lee on light painting
Good shot, using artificial light.

Sarito on light painting
wow.. very nicely done!

Elora on randomness
Beautiful shot. I love the composition and your choice of shooting in BW. I think you really conveyed the beauty of ...

Laura on randomness
Wonderful detail with the leaves. Interesting composition and stark light.

Didier on randomness
Beautiful BW

JR on is it at sea or land??
AT sea(:

Tarrant on consumer's curiosity or female's jealousy??!!
I call both!

Melvin on streets of melbourne city

Melvin on leafless trees
one thing bad about this pic is that its got too much noise..i didnt notice i was using high ISO settings and it came ...

SKHallisey on streets of melbourne city
nice shadows

SKHallisey on snowy forest
i really like the contrast between the tree and the snow in this one. well done

Barbara on leafless trees
Love the angle and effect.

bm on leafless trees
awesome - looks like a painting almost.

tkbphotos on leafless trees
Great composition and colors

Wee Kiat on Autumn comes
nice job man

Wee Kiat on reaching for a dream..
i like it in colour la. very beautiful anyway.

aDeL on Autumn comes
like this a lot...

Twine on Autumn comes
Wonderful - I want to jump right in

Melvin on Bloody catch.
its too small to be eaten so i let it go.. wif the gills still bleeding...

MYSHELLE on on the phone with someone special
how cutee

Melvin on on the phone with someone special
no la...still need alot of work..and i needa a new camera..a good one...the nikon cam that i showed u last time.. wee ...

Wee Kiat on on the phone with someone special
huiyo, pro already r...

IMPAR on on the phone with someone special
nice shot, love the contrast work!! the reflexions on the boards are great...

annora on on the phone with someone special
nice black and white shot.

Wee Kiat on night view of Sibu's streets
nice shot. i like how the cars create a cascading effect.

IMPAR on not bamboo. its just some orchid stems
nice work!!! great contrast!

Wee Kiat on not bamboo. its just some orchid stems
nice one.

Levine on Bloody catch.
That poor little thing is so small, what did u do with the fish after that?

kamagotchi on moss found in my dad's orchid garden.
nice colours

melvin on Bloody catch.
tell u the truth, fishes from that river is stronger then u think.. last time one of the fist we caught also got the ...

Rach on Bloody catch.
let it go???? Why u let it goo??? It's crueler to let it go than to kill it and eat it leh! =.=

Rach on Blind proposal
I didnt know Jos did that with Nurul!! So cute!

Screw on Bloody catch.
Bastard. =D

melvin on Polluted view of nature
thx.. to tell u the truth..the water from the river is in coffee with milk kinda use to be nice and ...

melvin on Bloody catch.
it came up like that.. wht do u expect??hehe..we let the fish go in the end..

melvin on Blind proposal
it is part of ragging..and it looks abit like a proposal too

sangram on Blind proposal
hehe.. hope this was'nt part of ragging....

Raye Michele on Polluted view of nature
your story makes this image much sadder than my original impression would have been ... love the use of the tint to ...

Rach on Bloody catch.
tat's just pure torture.

elaine on How smoked fish was made..
muahahaha... NICE~!

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